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Baltijskaya sudoremontnaya kompaniya, OOO (BSK, OOO)

About enterprise Baltijskaya sudoremontnaya kompaniya, OOO (BSK, OOO)

Production of polyurethane and composite materials.

The company "BSK" offers you a wide range of names of antifriction composite materials, polyurethane and polyacetal compound. All products are of high quality and reliability.

Our materials are designed to replace bronze, cast iron and obsolete types of polymers (polyamide, textolite, fluoroplastic and TsAM) in critical friction-sliding units, traditional for mechanical engineering and other industries. The main difference between our materials and analogs is high wear resistance. The manufacturer is constantly developing new technologies for creating antifriction materials and looking for ways to improve the quality of raw materials, therefore our new generation polymers are widely used not only in traditional industries (chemical, oil refining, engineering, mining), but are also used in industries with increased requirements for reliability and safety of materials (nuclear industry and medicine).

Type of delivery of materials:

Profiles and guides
Details according to customer's drawings.

We professionally manufactures spare parts and components for various equipment. Having extensive experience, the company is ready to offer you the manufacture of parts from engineering plastics, including complex and non-standard ones, for individual and serial orders.

Spare parts and components for friction-sliding units are urgently manufactured in case of breakdowns of various mechanisms. The production of spare parts at its own production base is one of the main activities of the company. We manufacture spare parts for equipment, both according to the detailed drawings presented, and according to sketches, and even according to samples.



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